Grace Missionary Baptist Church

Our Ministries

Both historical and academic, Grace Missionary Baptist Church is involved in several ministries

“And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature.”
MARK 16:15


GRACE MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH is an Historic Baptist Church standing for the ancient landmarks of Historic Baptists.


A "King James Only" bookstore.

TUTORING - Georgel La More

For more than forty years Mrs. Georgel La More has been a Christian school teacher and/or principal. Her experiences have included teaching every grade from kindergarten to college courses, including remedial grammar courses.

Mrs. La More graduated from Maranatha University in Watertown, Wisconsin with a B.S. in Bible and Education. She has completed some post graduate education courses as well. She also has an honourary doctorate from Historic Baptist Bible College in Toronto, Ontario.

She was married to Dr. Gary E. La More , pastor of Grace Missionary Baptist Church in Toronto for 54 years until his homegoing. She has three daughters and eighteen grandchildren.

Mrs. La More is currently involved with tutoring and working with homeschoolers

Articles & Studies

Resources and study helps numbering in the thousands

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